DDCSV 1.1 3 AXIS Offline Stand Alone Digital Controller for CNC Router


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1. Shipping list 1PCS 3 Axis CNC offline Stand Alone controller 1PCS 8GB USB Flash Drive 1 Pack USB Extension Cable 2PCS Controller Fastener Other English manual (electronic version )

2. Main Functions Input interface 16-circuit optocoupler coupling isolation Output interface Ordinary digital 3-circuit optocoupler coupling isolation 0-10V spindle control port with analog quantity(can be modified as PWM output); Axis No. Support the 4 axis stepper motor control, Single axis Pulse Max 500Khz Main control chip ARM9 Core algorithm chip FPGA Screen 4.3 inches TFT 480*272 Operational keys 17 Power supply 18~32V 0.5A G Code USB flash disk to read the G code MPG port Support the general MPG in the market Other Support the panel key with single-axis manual operation, manual step and CONT operation Support the operation of quickly specify the running position; Support the multi coordinate systems (with automatically saving function in case of power cut); Support the function of saving data automatically after power down (press the start to automatically save the data in the operation, automatically save the data after power down)

3. Technical advantage 1 The control period of each position is only 4 second 2 high control precision, the pulse width can be adjusted 3 It supports the common stepper motor and servo motor 4 ARM+FPGA design framework 5 The ARM can finish the part of human-computer interface and code analysis 6 the FPGA can finish the part of underlying algorithm and control pulse generate 7 The common off-line operation can be finished only by 17 keys 8 it supports the FANUC with high universality to be compatible with G code set 9 Port of the controller is extensible(8 Input/12 relay output) 10 It Does not need a dedicated computer for engraving machine

4. More choices available(please leave a message for extra fee) 1 hand wheel 2 8 input and 12 output extension board(M code) 3 24V Power supply

5. Application fields embossed plate, sole mould, button mould, zipper mould, character and pattern mould, Instrument mold, glass mold, doorplate, seal.

6. Technical Support (1)The Product from the factory will provide one year free warranty after sales and technical support in the life time . (2) Free English manual can be available.

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Dimensions300 × 200 × 150 mm


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