OX CNC Machine Mechanical kit

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The OX CNC Router Kit is based on the OX CNC Machine.

The OX hobby CNC machine makes full use of the excellent V-Slot Extrusion system. The Y-Axis uses the biggest size available, 20 x 80mm, and the X-Axis has Dual 20 x 60mm plus an extra 20 x 40mm for added rigidity. This kit comes in multiple sizes from 500x750mm to 1500 x 1500mm.




OX CNC Machine Mechanical kit


OX CNC Machine Mechanical kit uses a total of 30 Xtreme Solid V Wheels. These are manufactured from super hard polycarbonate, this reduces wheel compression, and keeps wear to a minimum. On the Y-Axis we have added an inner wheel brace, which reduces the movement of the wheels, and also helps to shield the wheels from cutting debris. Plates have also been added or modified to completely cover any bare extrusion ends. All the plates supplied with the kit are manufactured from 6082 Aluminium. The plates are then shot blast and anodized in matt black, to give a very clean finish.

We are known for making excellent instruction manual, and the one with the OX CNC Machine are no different. We have made a complete written instruction manual. Using our written manual will make the build a breeze.

If you have any problems along the way, the Openbuilds website and forum is available to help you for information and assistance.

What is in the Kit

This CNC Router kit includes everything needed to complete the mechanical portion of the OX CNC Machine, this includes four NEMA23 Stepper Motors and GT3 Pulley’s/Belt. The main components not included, which are needed to get our OX Kit running and cutting, is a power supply, controller board, and a Spindle. Note the MDF Spoiler Board is not included in this kit.

All the V-Slot Rails are supplied pre-cut and tapped. The Z-Axis ACME Lead screw is cut to the required length, and slightly filed, to insure a snug fit with the 688zz bearings.

The 500x750mm comes with 1 spoiler board support. Sizes with an X Axis of 750mm come with 2 spoiler board supports. Sizes with an X Axis of 1000mm come with 3 spoiler board supports. Sizes with an X Axis of 1500mm come with 4 spoiler board supports.

To complete the build of this Hobby CNC machine, only 4 Allen Keys & 2 Spanners are needed!

Technical Specification:

Footprint : (X x Ymm) 1: 500×756, 2: 750×756, 3: 750×1006, 4: 1000×1006, 5: 1000×1506, 6: 1000×1806, 7: 1500×1506

Max Travel Distances : (X x Ymm) 1: 320 x 525, 2: 570×525, 3: 570×775,
4: 820×775, 5: 820×1275, 6: 820×1575, 7: 1320×1275
(Z) 65mm, please see tab ‘Z Travel Explained’ above,
for the difference between Z travel and
Cutting depth.
Frame : 6082 CNC Machined Aluminium Plates with V-Slot Extrusions.

Expandable : Easily, with larger V-Slot Extrusion lengths.

Motors : 123.4N.cm (177.5oz.in) NEMA23 Stepper Motors X,Y & Z.
Motion ; X/Y – GT3 Belts (3mm Pitch)

Z – 8mm Tr8*8 4 Start ACME Lead Screw.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 105 × 25 × 20 mm
Size (X x Y mm)

500 x 750, 750 x 750, 750 x 1000, 1000 x 1000, 1000 x 1500, 1000 x 1800, 1500 x 1500


Silver, Black


No Motors, 4xNEMA23 175oz 2.8A, 4xNEMA23 345oz 3.0A


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