WHB04B-4 4 Axis Wireless Controller Pulse Generator


WHB04B-4 ( 4-axis, 100ppr for MACH3 system, 40 meters wireless distance with the electronic hand wheel)
It is suitable for any size of CNC milling, engraver or router machine based on mach3 system.

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1.Radio Frequency: 433MHZ,ISM,TX power 10DB,RX sensitivity -98DB

2.100pulse per round MPG, support 10 customs key buttons

3.LCD monitor will display X/Y/Z/A/B/C mechanical and workpiece  coordinates,

support 3 axis coordinates display in one time RF support 64 channels, Each channel gap 1Mhz

4. Support Frequency hopping transmission, Stable and reliable

   5.One room can run 64pcs MPG at the same time, and will not affect  each other due to frequency hopping function

6.100PPR MPG function, customs macro function keys up to 10pcs

LCD monitor display: Spindle speed value, processing feed rate value


Electrical Characteristics



Communication ChannelISM, 433MHZ
Wireless Remote DistanceNo Barrier 40meters
Power supply
Transmitted Power10DB
Receiving Sensitivity-98DB
Max support Axis6 Axis
MaterialABS+PC, Rubber protector
LCD displayMatrix LCD Backlight Display, Can

display 3 Axis coordinates one time

Customs Macro KeySupport customs macro key up to


Mode SelectionStep/Con mode
CompatibleAll parallel cards, USB cards, Ethernet cards

Additional information

Weight2 g
Dimensions300 × 200 × 150 mm


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